5 May 2021

Electric Vehicle Charing Points: Home or Work Installation Made Easy

Some of the Arcken team have recently been trained in installing electric vehicle charging points, which has enabled the company to be added to the Government’s approved Installer list under the Electric Vehicle Home Charge Scheme and the Workplace Charge Scheme.

According to
Autocar, whilst the pandemic caused a 28-year low in 2020’s car sales, the electric vehicle market grew rapidly, with plug-in cars now accounting for more than 10 per cent of UK sales. Not only are electric vehicles better from an air-quality perspective, running an electric car or van is less expensive than a petrol or diesel thanks to the cheap cost of charging up. Although you can charge your vehicle using your normal 3-pin plug, most EV owners go for a home charging station because it’s a lot faster.

Having responded quickly to this trend, some of the Arcken team have recently been trained in installing electric vehicle charging points, which has enabled the company to be added to the Government’s approved Installer list under the Electric Vehicle Home Charge Scheme (EVHS).  We’re also approved to install charging points under the Workplace Charge Scheme (WCS) for businesses, charities and public sector organisations.

Each government-run scheme offers a grant to install charging points and will cover up to 75% of installation costs (limited to £350 including VAT). Find out about all the grants available on the Government website. The WCS has a maximum of 40 grants per organisation and EVHS is limited to 2 at the same property. Both are subject to eligibility criteria, but we can check these as part of an initial feasibility survey prior to installation. We can also discuss your claim to the Office for Zero Emission Vehicle’ straight forward application process.

Our team members have manufacturer approval and have been fully trained to install equipment from the following manufacturers:

•             MyEnergi (Zappi)

•             Rolec

•             Podpoint

•             ICS

•             Garo


Arcken installation engineer Russell Hewitt explains that his preferred installation is the Zappi product from MyEnergi:

“This is a really smart, British-made product. It has additional modes to use green energy from your solar PV panels. ECO- mode uses energy from PV panels when they are producing energy, rather than from the mains supply grid; ECO+ mode uses combined energy from PV and the grid and Standard mode uses energy from the grid only. You can start with this last option with a view to switching to solar energy at a later date, so it’s really future-proof”.

MyEnergi also offer an energy-harvesting wireless sensor, called ‘harvi‘ that can be connected to monitor available energy.

Arcken has recently taken delivery of the first electric van to join our fleet and our own Zappi charging point is ready for duty. Harry and Belle, the horses, were particularly interested in the new van!


If you’d like to find out more, or you are ready to apply for an installation either at home or at your business premises, get in touch by emailing or telephone 01884 266000.